Abuja Districts & Phases

Learn about the city, its neighborhoods and all that they offer

Abuja, located within the wider Federal Capital Territory (FCT), is the capital of the most populated country in Africa: Nigeria. It is known for its splendid contemporary architecture, good weather, beautiful green space and rich culture.

We invite you to discover the city’s varied districts and offerings – from leisure to shopping to business to history and more. You will also find in depth information on the real estate in each district.

If you are looking for a home and you already know which district of Abuja you would like to live in, lets us know and Villa Afrika will help you get the right property.

You can find further facts on the city of Abuja as a whole or you can look at one of its districts in more detail below.

Abuja phases 1 and 2 are mostly established, accommodating the capitals most expensive neighborhoods, while phase 3 is still maturing.

P.S. Abuja is officially divided into 5 phases. These phases consist of over 50 districts! A lot of which are still not fully developed (phases 4 and 5).

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4