Kabusa Abuja

Neighborhood overview

Kabusa is a relatively well populated area in Abuja. For the most part, Kabusa is still developing — with informal settlements scattered around the district. Having said this, there are more developed sides of Kabusa — particularly around the Kabusa Gardens Estate, and on the border with Lokogoma.

Kabusa is primarily a residential district, with several housing estates in the vicinity. However, there are some commercial parts — where you will find a variety of schools, shops and religious centers. Kabusa nears Ring Road 2, along which you will find even more amenities and public services.

Being an establishing neighborhood, the infrastructure in Kabusa is at a basic level. There is good electricity supply — but roads into and out of the area, are still developing.

Notable places of interest include Kabusa Market, Kabusa Motor Park and Nigerian Institute of Animal Science.

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Getting around

Kabusa is located near Lokogoma to the north, Apo to the east and Galadimawa to the west. To the south, are a number of undeveloped districts.

Kabusa sits in the southern half of the city. The nearest major road is Ring Road 2, which links Abuja’s outer northern neighborhoods — to its outer southern neighborhoods. SunnyVale junction is also nearby.

Depending on traffic levels, journeys to the Central Area can take around 30 minutes. Getting to the airport, takes around the same amount of time.

Land and houses in Kabusa

Due to the mainly undeveloped nature of Kabusa, land and property prices are cheaper than average. This holds true both for the informal parts of the district, and for the more developed parts. This has resulted in a noticeable increase in population.

As it stands, around Kabusa, there is significant on-going real estate development — specifically in neighboring Lokogoma. Along with the construction of homes — the infrastructure, especially the road network, is being upgraded.

These developments will likely result in an increase in real estate prices — over time. Accordingly, Kabusa is particularly well suited for property investors — looking to take a medium or long term view.

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