Karmo Abuja

Neighborhood overview

Karmo, also known as Karimo, is an establishing Abuja neighborhood — that sits in the phase 3 region of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). It is among the fastest growing areas in the city — with this growth being in terms of both increased real estate activity, and rising population.

Karmo is primarily a residential district, but there are commercial parts. One such commercial area, is the site of a large modern district market — currently under construction.

Infrastructure in Karmo, particularly the road network, is good. Electricity and water supply is also adequate. Schools, religious centers and other public services — are all within reach.

Notable places nearby include the Turkish (Nizamiye) Hospital, National Open University and Nile University,

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Getting around

Karmo has a fairly central location — among outer Abuja districts. It sits close to Lifecamp to the north, Nbora to the east and Idu to the west. An industrial zone borders Karmo to the south.

Several key Abuja roads either pass through Karmo, or are not far away. Key roads include Inner Northern Road, Ring Road 2 and the Zuba-Garki Road.

Getting into the Central Area, will take around 20-30 minutes. The same amount of time, can take you to the new railway station in Idu.

Land and houses in Karmo

Many property buyers, in this current economic climate, are looking for real estate that offers excellent value for money. Karmo is an area that offers such value for money.

Similar to other outer Abuja areas, property in Karmo is still relatively cheap — by Abuja standards. This affordability stems from the fact that, Karmo is mostly still developing. Karmo is not as established as nearby places like Lifecamp, and this is reflected in the property prices being cheaper — on average.

Karmo is definitely one of Abuja’s hotspots — where real estate prices are likely to rise in the near future. As a result, Karmo is suitable for those buying to live, and those acquiring property for investment purposes.

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