The Best Places To Live In Abuja

With its good weather, beautiful landscape and many job opportunities, one can argue that Abuja is one of the best cities not just in Africa, but globally.

Abuja can be cheap or expensive (depending on your lifestyle), it’s close to other great international destinations (London, Paris, Dubai, Johannesburg, Nairobi etc.) and is a cosmopolitan city. Hotels, bars, clubs, restaurants, malls, leisure centers: if you can imagine it, you’ll likely find it here.

Abuja is big; it would be a mistake to think of it as a city with one personality. Instead, Abuja is a city of many different parts, offering a variety of different lifestyles for its teeming residents. From urban districts full of life like Wuse, to quiet green places littered with mansions like Jabi.

For those moving to Abuja, it takes some consideration to decide what part of Nigeria’s capital is best for you. In this write-up we shall break down some of the best places to live in Abuja (in no particular order).

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When it comes to the best places to live in Abuja the list will never be complete without at least mentioning Maitama. Maitama is a high-end neighborhood, located in phase 1 of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), playing host to the rich and famous from across Nigeria.

Good roads, tranquility, luxury homes and security are some of the things this district offers, among other amenities. However, all these goodies do come at a cost, with Maitama being one of the most expensive places to buy real estate and reside in Africa.


Asokoro is one of the most high-class districts in Nigeria. The place speaks affluence and luxury. Big roads, big cars, big houses and beauty are some of the things you will notice in Asokoro.

Real estate in Asokoro is arguably the most costly in Nigeria. As a result, living here requires one to have very deep pockets. Having said this, if you do have the money, there’s no need to look further as Asokoro has it all.


Jabi can be considered the younger brother of Maitama and Asokoro, not quite as expensive to live in, but with pretty much all the benefits of residing in those two places.

It is among the greenest neighborhoods in the capital, with large green open spaces and tree lined streets being prominent features. It is also well located, being close to all the happening places in Abuja from Wuse to Gwarinpa to the Central Business District.

Nearly all the amenities one would require can be found in Jabi: schools, banks, plazas, restaurants and hotels. For example, there’s the Utako Market (for buying groceries), Jabi Lake (for outdoor recreational activities), Jabi Mall (for all your shopping needs) and the Jabi Motor Park (to travel out of town).

If you can afford it, Jabi is a wonderful place to take up residence, particularly for those with a family.


Gwarinpa is a densely populated district with both residential and commercial parts. It is known as “the city within the city” mainly due to the fact that Gwarinpa has everything needed to live comfortably, without ever having to leave the district’s boundaries.

It is located just 20 minutes away from the city center and boasts of infrastructure that matches anywhere else in the city. When you add this to the fact that Gwarinpa is not as expensive as places like Asokoro or Maitama, you can start to see why this is a popular place to live in Abuja.


The liveliest district in Abuja: Wuse is the place people go to flex and relax in Abuja.

The district is packed with restaurants, hotels and clubs and as a result the neighborhood never really sleeps. The nightlife here is second to none. Therefore, it’s a well liked place with the younger generation.

Living in Wuse is no less expensive than settling in other central areas, so if living costs are an issue you might do well to look elsewhere.


Lokogoma is a much newer district that is still establishing. The neighborhood has experienced rapid growth in the past 10 years, as people have trooped into Abuja. Lokogoma has all the basic amenities one could need to start a new life in the city.

The districts popularity stems from the fact that it offers an excellent balance of quality of life and affordability. Living in Lokogoma, you can enjoy all the delights of living in the city without the costs of residing in more central areas like Wuse.

So if it’s value for money you are seeking, then Lokogoma offers this in abundance.


Jahi is a developing district, nestled between Katampe and Gwarinpa, with lots of potential. It boasts of an excellent location, only 15 or so minutes away from the Central Area. Currently, it is among the best places to invest in Abuja and hence is also one of the best places to live.

Due to its developing nature, for a phase 2 neighborhood, real estate here is moderately priced. However, with earmarked governmental infrastructure works commencing soon, prices are almost certain to rise. So buy while you still can.


Apo is a residential area with some complimentary commercial activity. It is among the fastest developing districts in the FCT.

Due to significant investment and the accompanying decent level of infrastructure, Apo has become a popular place to reside for many. A number of top notch housing estates are sited in and around the area, together with a number of beautiful parks.

Apo is a great place to raise a family due to the number of amenities located nearby. Luxury accommodation can be found here as well as more budget housing.

Life Camp

Life camp is a leafy, easily accessible and upmarket area of Abuja phase 3. It is a suburban neighborhood with all the qualities families would look for in an area.

The neighborhood hosts the official residence of the FCT Minister and houses some of the most contemporary and expensive homes in the city.

There are a number of highways in the vicinity, linking you to numerous parts of Abuja. You can get to the most central part of the city in under 15 minutes, thus given you the best of both suburban and urban life.


If you’re looking for the best place to live in Abuja on a budget, Lugbe is a strong contender.

It is for this reason that Lugbe’s population has grown considerably in the last few years. Its proximity to the city center (less than half an hour away) as well as the airport has attracted considerable investment into the area.

Today in Lugbe, you will find all the basic goods and services one requires to live comfortably. But, perhaps most importantly, you will find these goods and services at affordable prices.


For those in need of a good place to live, close to the center of town but without the high property prices, then Dawaki is a good choice.

Dawaki sits along the Kubwa-Gwarinpa expressway and is a short distance from Katampe Extension (diplomatic zone). The main drawback to living in Dawaki, is that it is not yet fully established. As such, the infrastructure present may not be as good as some of the other places mentioned.

Having said this, real estate here is relatively cheap. Accordingly, you should be able to find a decent home to live in at a modest price.

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